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Caveduke brand

Fachada fábrica CavedukeCAVEDUKE was founded more than 25 years ago by a group of entrepreneurs who were friends and enthusiasts of the wine world, and who decided to establish a company for the manufacture and marketing of vinotecas (wine collection).

As with everything in life, getting started was not easy, but they forged ahead with enthusiasm and a belief in the project. Little by little, they positioned the product on the market and created the CAVEDUKE trademark, which would become the company’s banner along with its logo (the peculiar curved tower),and they registered it in the world’s major markets: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and an infinite number of other countries.Fachada oficina  Caveduke

Within the wine world, CAVEDUKE is something more than a trademark today. It is a philosophy, a lifestyle, aesthetics. Its wine cabinets are present in all the world’s major restaurants and in a multitude of homes that love the fascinating world of wine. CAVEDUKE not only cares for the quality of the wines, ensuring that they have the necessary characteristics so that such a delicate product may evolve more perfectly in the bottle, but it also cares for aesthetics, elegant and stylized aesthetics that are characteristic of the brand from the start.

All of this will make you proud and others envious of your wine cabinet.

Fábrica Caveduke