Wine cabinet features

Chic - CaracterísticasCAVEDUKE is the leader in the climatised wine cabinet sector in the high and medium-high ranges. The company is well known for manufacturing products with an excellent aesthetic finish, a delicate cold system that does not disturb the wine's settling period and an anti-vibration system that even absorbs any external vibration. The advanced technology used in manufacturing our wine cabinets makes them the most silent wine cabinets on the market and, therefore, ideal for installation in living rooms, halls, etc.

Only fine wood and materials that are highly resistant to cold and heat are used to manufacture our wine cabinets, giving them a practically life-long durability. In addition, we also take great care in considering the four most important factors in wine conservation: appropriate humidity, constant temperature, and the absence of vibrations and ultraviolet rays. If the correct humidity is not maintained the cork contracts and lets air into the bottle causing the wine to oxidise. An inadequate or variable temperature accelerates the ageing of the wine and causes it to lose its qualities. Vibrations do not allow the wine to evolve appropriately as they break down the molecules that form the tannins. Ultraviolet rays contaminate the wine and give it the well known "taste of light", similar to the one produced by oxidation.

All these characteristics have lead to our products having a strong presence in both Europe and America. If none of the models in the series meets your requirements, Caveduke is the only large manufacturer that will make a customised model in the colour and size you require, with a very small difference in Price.Dualviteca

These are designed for conservation and maturing of red wines, grand reserves... it can be regulated from +12ºC to +19ºC.

For tasting of any type of wine: white, red, rose, sparkling... Controlled humidity.

Wine cabinet and multi-temperature in the same apparatus. Easy use, simply by placing its control level to the left or right in order to choose the modality.

This option will be essential whenever the machine is in environments where the outside temperature is 10° or less.

Wine storage history

Over the centuries the only and most efficient way of ageing wines and sparkling wines was in natural cellars. Thanks to the microclimate that was generated, maturing of these wines was achieved with their most selective bouquet. These wine cabinets had to count with specific conditions pertaining to their situation and structure, reserved for just a few chosen ones.

Currently Caveduke puts this complicated relationship at your reach, wherever you like, thanks to our climatised wine cabinets.

The climatised Caveduke wine cabinets maintain constant air circulation in their interior, purifying and freeing the atmosphere from bad odours, thus achieving perfect oxygenation of the wine in a natural manner.

Humidity is one of the most important factors, both in the conservation as well as the ageing of the wine, as it impedes drying out and contracting of the cork.

The acclimatised Caveduke wine cabinets keeps humidity levels between the recommended minimum and maximum values.

Condensed water is eliminated by way of a timer, which is incorporated in all our models.

The combination of noble woods with polyol and associanate achieves perfect isolation.

The innovative climatisation system, introduced by Caveduke in our wine cabinets, insures adequate temperatures in each one of the apparatus, thus conserving the different types of wine (red, white or sparkling) at the adequate temperature for ageing, conservation and serving.

This system manages to speed up and eliminate the cold that is retained in the evaporator, thus increasing its sediment capacity, with minimum electrical consumption. The double function of said system insures that a reduction of the environmental temperature to -5ºC or to a temperature surpassing 35ºC will not affect our wines.

The distribution system that is incorporated in the Caveduke climatised wine cabinets is designed in order to take maximum advantage of the interior space, creating a good quantity-comfort rate.

Temperatura Chart

This temperature chart has a clear and unique aim; that is, that the wine will have the smell and taste that corresponds to its nature. This is achieved thanks to the climatised Caveduke wine cabinets.

Young whites Sparkling and Champagnes: from 6 to 8ºC.

Reserves and Grand Reserves: from 16 to 19ºC.

Crianza wines aged in wood: from 14 to 16ºC.

Crianza wines without wood: from 12 to 14ºC.

Olorosos, Ports and Soleras: from 10 to 14ºC.

Whites, Roses and Manzanilla: from 8 to 10ºC.

Young yearly reds: from 10 to 12ºC.

Jug, Basket and Decanting.

Whites, sparkling wines, young red wines and roses may be served from the bottle, always maintaining the adequate temperature. Crianza reds should be poured into a pitcher or decanting jug in order to avoid consuming the sediment, and to air and oxygenate the wine, which will thus gain in color, aroma and presentation.

In the case of reserves and grand reserves, the wine must be decanted as in all likelihood it will have sediment. The candle should be used in this case to see if any sediment is being poured out so that decantation can be detained.

Another useful device is the basket. With the basket the bottle can be moved and maintained in a resting position, as it was stored in the wine cabinet, thus avoiding sediment from spreading throughout the bottle.